Jo san paintings involve us in the universe of the meditation. Figurative, sometimes in extreme cases of the abstraction, they compose with materiality, spots, gestural and soft figuration. Read More

  • Fanny BOTON

    FANNY BOTON is painter plastician. Born in Paris in 1959, autodidact, professional photographer, she always drew. She practises painting since the years 1980, (oil gouache), discovers the pastel in 1993… Read More

  • Christine CLOOS

    Christine Cloos works iron and paper to developgraphic universes on the topic of nature. Read More

  • Edwige FIGURA

    My painting is conceptual, on abstracted funds, allmoving, with effects of matters, giving energy andvitality on my subjects. Read More


    As the arrival of the tube of painting deeply changed the perception of the painters, the arrival in the years 1980 of the computer modified the world of visual arts.… Read More


    Tanya is an Australian painter of impressionist style impassioned by Giverny and Claude Monet. She regularly stays in Giverny with the determination to continue her dream: To paint in the… Read More

  • Bertrand de GUILHEM de LATAILLADE

    To paraphrase Giacometti, I could say something as I paint because I cannot paint. This is which gives all freedom to test what so many others knew to make with… Read More

  • Françoise Biesse Debos : sept 17- oct 14

    Françoise Biesse Debos spent her childhood in a village of the French region of Vexin, her source of admiration, meditations and musings. Read More

  • Renée LUSSERT

    To create, share visual and sensory worlds, here is the essence of the life of Renée Lussert. Sensitive to all that surrounds it, it adapts the world through the filter… Read More

  • Paula Nightingale

    Paula Nightingale A.R.C.A I studied at Beckenham School of Art and the Royal College of Art in England, followed by a painting scholarship to the Akademie Der Bildenden Kunst in… Read More

  • Mary Chaplin

    Prize winner of the PRIX BLANCHE 2015, Mary Chaplin is a professional painter installed in the South of Amiens in the Somme. The topic of the landscape mainly treated with the… Read More


    My approach of art was nourished of my studies at the Estienne School and the Art schools of Paris. Engraving is a demanding trade. I learned it in the Moret… Read More

  • JF Jones Jacob

    From 1977 to 1984, beater of the group of Brussels “the killers of honeymoon”, under the patronym of Jones III, allusion to three beaters of jazz U.S, JF Jones Jacob… Read More

  • Karen SPANO

    The topic of the reflections, to which I alwaysdevote the essence of my research, will be alwayspresent this year because I like to paint the skyand water. It is a… Read More


    William Welch was born in Ohio, Midwest, United States. He followed the courses of painting and sculpture fine art university of Ohio. Read More

le lieu

Au coeur du village, un carrefour où se croisent tant de gens, tant d’influences et de recherches artistiques...